Items found in a hospital

Indashio challenges the designers to make an accessory made from a first aid kit, an undergarment made from IV bags and a wardrobe apparel piece made from surgical gloves. If that sounds too easy, all the designs have to be associated with today's inspiration… a barn owl.

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Items found outdoors

Inspired by the prestigious grandfather clock, designers can be as figurative or as abstract as they like with their creations. Challenges include making an accessory from wood off cuts and shavings, an undergarment from blow up beach balls and finally a wardrobe apparel piece from banana and nipa leaves. This day at the beach is going to be make or break for these hopeful designers.

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Items found at a birthday party

Life's no party for the Designers in this episode. With the inspiration of a classical guitar, which must be referenced throughout all challenges, the designers create an accessory from hard candy, an undergarment from balloons and rounds off with a wardrobe apparel piece made from mini birthday cake candles.

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Items found in an office

Not just another day at the office. Stripped of the regular fabrics previously supplied, the designers will have nowhere to hide. First up, an accessory made from wires and cables, an undergarment made from various rolls of tape and a wardrobe piece created with desktop calendars. A Mexican fighting fish is on hand to provide some much needed inspiration.

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Items found in a kitchen

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Designers are pushed to their creative limits and tempers will flare throughout these challenges. Using plastic cutlery to create an accessory, cupcake patties for the undergarment and the finger cutting steel wool for the wardrobe piece. The inspiration? A crossbow of course! Only two will go through to the final and compete for the title of Design Genius.

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Items found at a junkyard

Design Genius junkyard fashion is anything but trashy. In this series final the designers will be creating high fashion garments using items found in a landfill. The designers will need to be ingenious and maintain composure to get through these challenges. An accessory will be made from used bicycles (of which they must take apart themselves), an undergarment using discarded broken chairs and a wardrobe apparel piece using busted umbrellas.

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