Youjia Jin brought childhood memories to her audiences through her FW 2017 Fashion Performance “Récréation”

Youjia Jin’s new FW2017 menswear collection was inspired by school uniforms. She believes that many of us had a love/hate relationship with our school uniforms, however, they also remind memories of the old school days. Youjia also wanted us to revisit some childhood feelings, including fear such as the fear of monsters under the bed, as well as joy, through the grow up journey into the world. Traditional elements, such as pleats, and luxurious and comfortable materials like wool and silk have been used.

Youjia Jin is a Chinese born London based fashion designer.

Photo © Suet-sum Lai, all rights reserved.


You truly never know where life will take you. Fashion designer turned modeling agent Watson Tan is a perfect example of how one’s career path can lead you down many different roads into something unexpected. As one of the highlighted agencies featured on the hit series Agencies Season 2, Watson’s agency Upfront Models offers more than just a roster of pretty faces. Watson and his team work hard to nurture the individual dreams of each model, photographer, stylist and artist that they work with, producing not only some of the best work in the industry but also quality people who walk away even better than they were before. Balancing a world-class agency and an up and coming art gallery, Watson Tan is no stranger to hard work and success!

Read the full interview with Watson down below!

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me is updating the agency’s social media, planning, developing models/ materials and attending meetings.

You’re famous for going from 2 models to being one of the most desirable agencies in the world. Can you tell us more about how that growth took place?
I started out as a fashion designer, so the fashion world was nothing new to me when I first opened the agency. I guess all these years I’ve learned through positive and negative experiences. Always staying humble and appreciative of the support that the industry has given me.

My first 2 international models were from Brazil. Many people at that time had never worked with Brazilian models in Singapore before. Brazilian models were known throughout the world to have great body shapes and a great catwalk style. So, after our first 2 we brought in 6 more and it increased as the seasons progressed. The most we have brought in was about 40-50 international models for one season from all over the world. We are constantly watching for new trends in modeling that are making headlines in the international fashion world.

Image courtesy of Upfront Models

Image courtesy of Upfront Models

­­What are some important qualities that you look for when casting for models?

Some of the important qualities that I look for in the models are of of course beauty, fantastic body shape, good skin and a certain “x” factor that makes him/her stand out from the crowd. Most importantly to me is a strong and positive sense of determination to make it.

Is a modeling career a popular prospect for young locals in Singapore?
Not many young locals in Singapore look to modeling as a career. Coming from a conservative country like Singapore, fashion and art have never been first choice careers.

What makes UPFRONT MODELS stand out amongst the rest?
Upfront Models stands out from the rest because of our wide selection of models from different parts of the world, our professional booking services and international worldwide representation.

Image courtesy of Marc Marc Jacobs

Image courtesy of ADORE GEMS & TIMEPIECES

What drives your passion for the fashion and modeling industry?
Being a very determined person, I am always pushing the boundaries. Whether it’s how to make the next big star or helping out a young aspiring stylist, artist or photographer. It’s a drive that I challenge myself to pursue daily.

Was it always your dream to direct a modeling agency?
I never had dreams to own a modelling agency. I just love anything beautiful and meeting all kinds of people.

What’s it like watching your successful young models develop and grow in their careers, knowing you gave them their start?
When a new model comes in, I share their dream of being successful one day. So for me, watching them develop and grow in their career gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction, like your own child taking his first steps to walk.

Images courtesy of Upfront Models

On top of UPFRONT MODELS, you also started ART FRONT GALLERY in 2010. What led to its development and how do you balance your time between the agency and the gallery?
In 2007, I started collecting art and saw a beautiful piece of artwork in a gallery and wanted to buy it, but it was already sold. Being so intrigued by the artwork, I decided to go and search for the artist. He lived in a very rural part of Indonesia that I had never heard of or been to before. When I met this artist, he lived in a very small house with no furniture and bed. After that meeting, I wanted to use my expertise to see how I could help and manage these artists. So, I decided to open a gallery to bring in new artists and forms of artwork to the art world. We have brought the artists that we manage worldwide and exhibited their artwork to Taipei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jakarta, Paris and London.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy balancing my time with the agency and the gallery. I had to make some adjustments with my daily routines and lifestyle, but I am used to it already.

Have you found the modeling world becoming more diversified, or do you think it still has a long way to go?
Yes, the modeling world has diversified because of social media, which has become very challenging for many agencies. The most challenging part of having a modeling agency today is teaching new “models” that having a social media with 10,000 or 100,000 followers doesn’t make you an agent or a manager, it gives you added value. A good agent gets you good ratings and high profile jobs.

Catch Watson and his agency UPFRONT MODELS SINGAPORE next Tuesday, January 31 on Agencies Season 2: Episode 4 at 8:30pm.

Agencies Season 2 airs every Tuesday night at 8:30pm. Fashion One available on Now TV channel 532, myTV SUPER channel 603 and TVB Network Vision channel 41.

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Andrew Gn SS2017 Ready-To-Wear

Singaporean designer, Andrew Gn, hit the Parisian runway by his fabulous designs combined with incredible craftsmanship, with the inspiration of “Les Incroyables et Merveilleuses” (the fashion trend in Paris during a period of the French Révolution, 1795-1799), which styles are described as luxury, exaggerated, affected, self-indulgent.

Hong Kong Based Fashion Designer Brand: FFIXXED Studios RTW SS2017 in Paris

FFIXXED STUDIOS was found by Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Their approach of fashion is about constructing creative working situations rather than showing on any singular idea or current aesthetic. They explore different modes of production, individual styles and appropriated forms that respond to changing social and cultural environments.

Hong Kong Based Fashion Designer Brand: “id” on Paris Runway SS2017

Julio Ng and Cyrus Wong are the founders and creative directors of the Hong Kong fashion brand “id”, which stands for the attraction, the need of basic human nature; residing in the subconscious, the part of mind which innate instinctive impulses. “Preserve” is the main inspiration for their creations, to preserve the unnoticed beauty around; the designers want to remind us to slowdown and notice our surrounding environment, and also rethink about the fast pace lifestyle such as the fast fashion trend nowadays. Inspiration of the new collection came from the beautiful landscape in Hong Kong including waterfall and still natural objects like stones and rocks.

A Fashion Fairytale with ZVONKO MARKOVIC

Designer Zvonko Markovic whisks us away on a romantic fairytale adventure with his collection from Paris Haute Couture A/W 2016. From start to finish, this truly opulent collection tells a love story that would make any woman feel like a princess. Feathers, exquisite floral fabrics and leather are combined to bring this brilliant collection to life in a runway presentation you’ll never forget.

Read more about Zvonko Markovic down below!

What was the inspiration behind your A/W 16 Collection?

The title of this collection is LAND OF LILACS and the inspiration comes from a medieval love story between a Serbian King and a French princess. Legend says that the Serbian king at the time, Uros I Nemanjic, wanted to welcome Helen of Anjou, his future wife and future Serbian queen in particular way, so he ordered beautiful lilacs to be planted along the valley of the Ibar River so she could feel at home in Provence as in her own country. So the first part of collection represents the queen and her royal court coming to meet her future king and lover and the second part represents their love colored by sensuality and sexiness, symbolized by the lilac.

What was your favorite part about participating in Paris Haute Couture?

I love haute couture. It is a story and a fairy tale. All designers who are in haute couture are storytellers. They are dreamers and skillful craftsmen. I never dreamed that I would have a chance to be part of that magic and for me that is the biggest honor to have.

Your collection brings to mind a sense of elegance and grandeur. Where do you imagine the Marković woman going in your garments?

Surely some of my dresses can’t be worn every day. Or can they? It depends on your personality and what your regular day looks like. For some women, the night is always young and full of possibilities. Sometimes you have to impress a wide audience on the stage or on the other hand a closed circle of people in the private sector. Sometimes you wear something just to please yourself exclusively.

I love your combined use of leather and floral prints throughout the collection. Can you tell us more about the design elements you chose to use?

Leather is the most noble of materials and I am trying to use it in the same way a sculptor would use clay to bring attention to a woman’s natural silhouette. New technology also gives us a lot of possibilities. I love it because in that way you can combine tradition and the future.

You believe a woman’s shoulders are her most beautiful and timeless assets. How does that influence your creativity and design process?

Just like in ballet, dancers have to learn to move with healthy posture so the position of the shoulders is very important. They are the most stable part of the silhouette and I am always staring at them. All other parts of the clothes should move in perfect relation with the shoulders. Designing clothes is just like being a sculptor but with one more assignment – you have to deal with movement of the silhouette and fabric. Only when women walk can you see the full magic of fashion come alive.

How would you describe your personal style?

I am not a person who cares about everyday style. The clothes that I wear have to be leisurely and comfortable because I’m not really concerned about my appearance. My fashion is the total opposite of couture, which is art.

Is there a certain celebrity that you would love to be the spokesmodel for your brand?

When I was younger, I dreamed that one of my designs would be worn by one of the biggest pop stars. I could imagine Madonna and Kylie Minogue wearing my costumes on their live shows. I also love Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson and many others, but nowadays I am not thinking about who should be the star that wears my clothes. I love most young artists, and even though there is a lot of criticism about their careers, I can see there are many who are very young but extremely professional and are such talented and hardworking people. Most of them push the boundaries not just in fashion but in also their abilities. Their music, singing, acting, and choreography require so much talent and hard work. I admire them.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I like visual arts and art history but also contemporary art. I like movies, theater, Broadway, new music, all sorts of creativity that gives me my driving force. When I am in a Broadway show, I feel charmed and fascinated.

Who is the Zvonko Marković girl/guy?

He or she is a person who believes in him/herself, is very confident and knows how emphasize all the good things about him/herself. They are a person who knows how to dominate and distinguish themselves while keeping both feet on the ground.

What are three words that would best describe your brand?

Sexy, assertive and comfortable.

For more about Zvonko Markovic, catch the final episode of Inside Fashion Week airs Monday, November 28th at 8:30pm. Fashion One available on Now TV channel 532, myTV SUPER channel 603 and TVB Network Vision channel 41.

A Walk through Timeless Elegance with Romero Bryan

No one does classic style with a twist quite like designer Romero Bryan. Making his debut at Paris Haute Couture A/W 2016, this designer’s exquisite brand demonstrates a sense of timelessness that every fashionista craves.

Whether your taste is conservative or more on the sexy side, this brand adds a dash of elegance and glamour to any wardrobe through its clean lines and romantic silhouettes. Never shy to speak his mind, Romero isn’t afraid to look fashion in the eye and let it know that the Romero Bryan customer is strong, bold and here to stay.

Read more about Romero Bryan down below!

What was the inspiration behind your A/W 17 Collection?

The collection shown at Paris Couture Fashion Week, via Serbia Fashion Day Paris, was a montage of timeless designs to date. We wanted to introduce the ROMERO BRYAN luxury fashion brand, narratively with the best selling classics to date. The selection was informed by our market research into the needs of the HNWIs we cater to. The ROMERO BRYAN luxury fashion brand is about creating that “timeless” style appreciated by every woman who appreciates quality.

What was your favorite part about participating in Paris Haute Couture?

It was lovely being able to showcase the ROMERO BRYAN brand to the Parisian Fashion industry, as well as raise the brand’s awareness via Paris Couture Fashion Week. And the venue, HE Serbian Ambassador Rajko Ristic Palace Residence, was the perfect setting to introduce the ROMERO BRYAN brand to the ELITE and VIPs of the region.

Your collection brings to mind a sense of delicacy, elegance, and refined femininity. Where do you imagine the Romero woman going in your garments?

The ROMERO BRYAN woman is elegant, feminine but strong! She walks to her own beat. She appreciates individuality and doesn’t follow trends; so therefore, the ROMERO BRYAN brand is perfect for all of her occasions.

This was your big debut in Paris. What were your thoughts as you prepared for the event?

The Vesna De Vinci Production company allowed this experience to be one of the most enjoyable fashion presentations we have ever experienced during our time at ROMERO BRYAN. Models, hair and makeup were perfect. And the amazing styling of the ROMERO BRYAN presentation was creatively directed by a firm favorite stylist of ours, Suna Moya.

Can you tell us about your plans to collaborate with Suna Moya in the future?

We absolutely adore Suna Moya’s creative direction and look forward to collaborating more in the future with her. She understands the ROMERO BRYAN brand and knows how to perfectly capture the essence of the brand when incorporating our designs into her editorials.

Is there a certain celebrity that you would love to be the spokesmodel for your brand?

As Chairman & Creative Director of the ROMERO BRYAN brand, I find the use of celebrities as spokesmodels for brands quite “shameful”. We live in a world where money seems to buy support. If I were to ever appoint a spokes model for the ROMERO BRYAN brand in the future, it would have to be an “organic and transparent” fit. It would need to make sense and the spokes model for my brand would have to have a real genuine love for the work we do here at the brand.

Until then, we are more than happy to refer to the genuine clients of the ROMERO BRYAN brand, to be our spokes model for our brand.

What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

Being able to communicate the way I am feeling at any given time through the expression of my art form is the best part about being a designer. I can use my art to be heard and most importantly I get the chance to dress women up in confidence through my ability to design clothes. Design a lifestyle, design happiness.

What are three words that would best describe your brand?

Timeless, Elegant, yet with FREEDOM for Individuality!


Photography: Sya Groosman
Stylist : Karina Penny
Hair & Make Up: Nina Sagri
Photography assistant: David Hyde

Rachel Storm Model Management – London
Rob & David Nevs Model Agency – London

For more about Romero Bryan, catch the final episode of Inside Fashion Week airs Monday, November 28th at 8:30pm. Fashion One available on Now TV channel 532, myTV SUPER channel 603 and TVB Network Vision channel 41.

Through the Grapevine with Fashion Week Paris designer PATUNA

Patuna brings the best of French tradition center stage to Paris Haute Couture A/W 2016. This designer brand is for every woman. Whether she’s a busy doctor visiting a gala or an aspiring artist who loves luxury, Patuna celebrates women from all walks of life. Inspired by the cherished French art of winemaking, this collection is rich with culture and and a heritage that is sure to quench your thirst for couture.

Read more about Patuna down below !

What was the inspiration behind your A/W 2016/2017 Collection?

When I thought of my inspiration for this collection, I thought of the greatness of French art, architecture and creativity, which influenced humankind to its very foundation. For nearly three thousand years, wine has been such an integral part of French civilization and is ingrained in French culture on every level. As art, creativity, and genius are woven into the fabric of what is France, naturally, the French made winemaking an art as well. From this natural flow of thought came my inspiration for the French art of winemaking. I was inspired by the grapevine and thus it became my muse.

When I touch the textiles used in the collection, for me it is like touching a grape or a grape-leaf. The grape is strong in texture, beautiful in color and soft in feel. French wine has volume, prestige, and variety in style throughout the variety of grapes. Volume, prestige, quality and variety are four inherent ingredients of my couture. The vineyard’s beauty in uniformity and structure, the strength, natural character and flow of her vines, the deepness of her roots and the softness and color of her grapes cast against a blue sky inspire me.

What was your favorite part about participating in Paris Haute Couture?

Paris is the center of fashion and the country of haute couture! Just walking in the city brings you so much energy and inspiration. In January, I will present for the 4th time during Paris Couture Fashion Week and each time it’s a challenge!

Your collection brings to mind a sense of balance between edgy and elegance. Where do you imagine the Patuna woman going in your garments?

It does not matter where a lady goes because she is a lady everywhere – on the red carpet or in her personal private space where she can wear it for herself or for whom she wishes.

I absolutely love your use of ribbon-like layers and strips throughout the collection. What’s the story behind this beautiful design theme?

As the collection’s inspiration is French wine and vineyards, these accessories are the key components of the grape tree. A grapevine’s natural character and flow are uninhibited, I do not use zippers or buttons as they can easily inhibit the natural character and flow of the fabric. Just as the grapevine of a French vineyard flows naturally and with volume through the field, my creations flow uninhibited with volume and style to fit naturally so as not to detract from the fabrics nature. The grapevine does not infringe upon the beauty of the grape but compliments that beauty.

You have an amazing background – ballet, acting, dance, music, art and even medical studies! How do these amazing experiences influence your creativity or design process?

When I was a practicing dental surgeon, I was also coming home to paint. One may study dentistry and become a doctor. One may study dance or painting but creativity cannot be studied. It is something completely different that comes from the soul. The feeling and emotion of art often motivates my creativity and music helps to free it more that when I work.

How would you describe your personal style?

I never dress casually, even when I go out in my daily life. My style is always mixed with some kind of couture element. Even when I wear jeans there will always be an element of couture, even if it’s just my accessories. I don’t often walk in the forest because I would have to change out of six-inch heels. I feel as if I am always on the stage of life.

Is there a certain celebrity that you would love to be the spokesmodel for your brand?

All women are celebrities to me and I always have always thought this way. If I really had to choose, it would be someone with the strong character of Angelina Jolie, the elegance of Charlize Theron and the grace of Marion Cotillard.

What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

There are no limits to what you can do.

Who is the Patuna girl?

I refer to all of my creations affectionately as ‘my girls’. The Patuna girl is most of all free, strong and happy! She has no borders or nationality. She is straight, gay, bi, and she has the need to express herself through art. She sees herself as a part of the universe. Someday I would like to make unisex couture. To answer your question more specifically, the Patuna girl is thoughtful, deep, elegant, strong and sexy as all women are.

What are three words that would best describe your brand?

Free & powerful, sensitive & strong, glamorous & sexy.

For more about Patuna, catch the final episode of Inside Fashion Week airs Monday, November 28th at 8:30pm. Fashion One available on Now TV channel 532, myTV SUPER channel 603 and TVB Network Vision channel 41.

See more of Patuna’s work at

Industrial Simplicity: Q&A with Fashion Week Barcelona’s Txell Miras

Running your eyes through Txell Miras’ collection, one might feel a sense of frigidness and silence. She doesn’t distract us with loud colors and patterns. Instead, her designs convey the essence of architecture and industry in the form of clothing. A fashion minimalist’s dream, Txell Miras’ Spring Summer 17 collection is something that we crave when looking for simplicity, refinement, and elegance. Her collection, ‘Containers’, is everything we need this winter to make our wardrobes chic and sophisticated.

Read more about Txell below!

What was your inspiration behind your S/S 17 collection?
The collection is called ‘Containers’ and was inspired by shipping ports: stacked metal containers, coded and re-used. An industrial area filled with color, cranes, noise and ships. It really contrasts with the idea of containers: cold, silent, hollow, stacked. As a result, the collection plays with this duality. An object taken out of its habitual context acquires a contrary dimension, but maintains its essence.

Model walks the runway in Txell Miras S/S 17 Collection.

Your collection is very clean cut and refined, what is the message behind it?
I’m interested in shapes and patterns. I work with volumes and use pure lines. I feel that containers command a certain architectural presence and a sense of coldness. I suppose this is what the collection communicates.

What is it about being a designer that enthuses you the most?
Creating my own discourse. Playing with patterns and shapes. I’m interested in the human form and the concept of fashion so I can easily link both passions.

A minimalist’s dream: Txell Miras S/S 17 Collection at Fashion Week Barcelona.

What excited you the most about participating in Barcelona Fashion Week?
On the catwalk, you can show a completed vision by incorporating music, lights, performance, etc.

Do you have any favorite up-and-coming designers that you’re looking out for?
I don’t know many new designers. The last one I knew was Boris Bidjan Saberi, but he’s very well recognized now so…

Fine in leather: Model for Txell Miras S/S 17 Collection.

Which designer or brand would you like to collaborate with if given the chance?
I’ve been collaborating with Neil Barrett since 2003. I wouldn’t mind a collaboration with Sacai. I find her work very interesting, especially her winter collections.

If you could have a spokesmodel for your brand, who would it be?
Marina Pérez. I’ve worked with her several times and I love her attitude and look.

Describe your brand in 3 words.
Conceptual, architectural and pure.

Inside Fashion Week, Barcelona airs Monday October 31st at 8:30pm. Fashion One available on Now TV channel 532, myTV SUPER channel 603 and VB Network Vision channel 41.