Feminism and Fashion: Sophy Holland is Changing the Industry

Sophy Holland is changing the fashion world by promoting feminism and equality in the industry. Males dominate fashion in all aspects, not just design, but behind the scenes and behind the camera. In Complex’s 50 Greatest Fashion Photographers Right Now 2012 list less than ten women made the cut and only one woman made it to Richest’s Top 10 Photographers in the Fashion Industry.

Photograph courtesy of Sophy Holland via Instagram

This gargantuan void in the industry is forcing the world to ask itself ‘how far have we progressed in womens rights?’ Sophy Holland wants to challenge these numbers and statistics.

Holland has already accumulated an assortment of high-profile publications (Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair) and brands (Swarovski, Chandon, Oscar de la Renta) as clients. Her secret is to shoot women as subjects, no objects.

Lying on the ground, standing on top of buildings, getting dirty, and carrying heavy gear, photography is a physically demanding art form and often times women holding the camera are accused of being lesbian or unfeminine. To combat this, Holland said, "I always wear makeup and style my hair for my shoots, [and] try to look as presentable as possible".

Following in the footsteps of her heroes, Annie Leibovitz and Ellen von Unwerth, Holland is inspiring and instilling confidence in women across the entire fashion industry.

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