3-Year-Old London Scout Kills the Instagram Game

London Scout is the latest and greatest mini model that has the world under her thumb. Everything about the young fashionista is typical of a three-year-old––she loves ice cream, dancing, and sparkly things––except her impeccable taste in fashion.

Scout’s Instagram account, scoutfashion, bolsters a hefty 73.7 thousand followers and her special on Today just aired yesterday. Sai De Silva, Scout’s mother, photographs her daughter while Scout’s father manages the Instagram account that is updated daily. When De Silva was asked about why her daughter has garnished so much positive feedback and such a large following she said, “She has very stylish, inspirational outfits that adults would actually want to wear, so I think that is one of the reasons why it caught on so quickly.”

When Scout isn’t in front of the camera she sings along to Frozen and is front row at children’s fashion shows in New York City. Watch out as she conquers the fashion world one follower at a time.
Blaine  Fuller
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