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Launched in April 2010, Fashion One is distributing to over 120 countries worldwide. Fashion One Has reached over 100 million worldwide.
When thinking fashion as it pertains to television, no one should be limited to just runway and models. Fashion, trends and style can be found everywhere.
From photography, street style and beauty tips, to designer retrospectives and the latest celebrity trends, Fashion One reveals fashion in all aspects of life. It is a global, fashion-forward channel for women and trendsetters all over the world who love fashion and all it embodies.
Creating programs which are engaging and captivating, Fashion One is the ONE channel dedicated to fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.
Fashion One offers our fashion oriented audience a comprehensive portfolio of products from traditional pay TV and satellite TV, to online portals, IPTV, VOD, smart TV and mobile TV.

Jun 10
4:02 AM
Tote for a Thought
Tote for a Thought
(Photo: Vine Street Market, USA) One-thing women can never leave without, her BAG! Yes we have our everyday casual bag, work bag, evening bag/formal clutch, big bag, and shoulder bag, even more. But if we need something lightweight that can...
Jun 06
6:51 AM
Preview of Bokeh Fashion Film Festival
Preview of Bokeh Fashion Film Festival
The captivating fusion of fashion and film will be celebrated in the inaugural Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival from 6 to 7 June in Cape Town. This initiative brings together the most talented artists, filmmakers and designers...
May 29
7:56 AM
California Summer Style!
California Summer Style!
credit: Studio1220 Yes it’s the time of the year where the weather heats up and everybody chills out and get into a Californian vibe. Take out your favorite cheeky denim cut-offs, pair it up with cute a crop top (they...
May 13
6:19 AM
What’s in-for-Spring/Summer 2014 on SHOP DES CRÉATEURS
What’s in-for-Spring/Summer 2014 on SHOP DES CRÉATEURS
Feel the warm weather and soak in the sun as April marks the official entry into spring. Got nothing to wear yet this season? Don’t worry; Shop des Créateurs shares its trend report, featuring curated advice from the most authoritative...
Apr 24
12:02 PM
ANDREA INCONTRI Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2013
ANDREA INCONTRI Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2013
Vogue Fashion Dubai takes us to view Italian designer Andrea Incontri’s 2013 collection. While the Emirates are a Muslim country, they are one of the more forward thinking countries in the Middle East; haut couture fashion definitely flourishes here. Vogue...