Start and finish your day with the opportunity to work out and keep in shape like some of the world´s hottest and fittest models. Follow this regime and get the body that you have only ever imagined. Our personal Fashion One Yoga expert incorporates some of the easiest Yoga poses, such as the downward dog, with some of the hardest, offering you different intensity levels based on your Yoga experience and flexibility. Using 4 top catwalk models to gently take you through your paces, he will show you moves to lengthen and tone your body, and how to help you wake up or wind down after a hard day at work. So get up, get fit and and find that sexy body you never thought was possible.


Yogi Troy is the host for Fashion One's Model Yoga and is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. He is currently based in Colorado, USA, teaching yoga at various locations in the Boulder area, but he also hosts international yoga retreats and teacher trainings around the world. He has traveled and taught yoga to adults and children in many locations outside the U.S., including Costa Rica, Philippines, Norway, and Thailand. He teaches a variety of styles of yoga from beginner to advanced level classes. He loves to design his classes based on the yogis and yoginis who show up that day for that class. They have made a choice to be on their mat for a reason so he tries to cover a wide range of postures with a combination of quicker and slower movements. He likes to allow the yoga practitioners in his classes the time and place to really be in 'their' yoga and to create the space for their yoga experience. Yogi Troy is also certified in Tai Chi Chuan and likes to incorporate the slow and conscious movements into his yoga practice. Visit www.peakbeings.com for more informaton or email:: troy@peakbeings.com Hope to see you on your mat soon!