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Found all over the world, brightening up the finest tables and providing intense, aristocratic flavours, the centuries-old magic of the great growths is epitomised by Bernard Magrez's enthusiasm for the vineyards of Bordeaux. He invites Fashion One into the intimacy of his prestigious estates, where history is written according to the rhythm of the seasons: Bernard Magrez Luxury Wine Tourism, incoming agency created in 2008.

Seasoned travellers, tired of anonymous pre-packaged holidays, walk through the heavy, solemn doors of, Chåteau Pape Clément, Château La Tour Carnet and Château Fombrauge and step centuries back in time.

This vineyard was given to Bertrand de Goth, a 13th-century Archbishop of Bordeaux who subsequently became Pope Clement V. He was a talented manager and successfully improved winemaking there. In the 19th century, Jean-Baptiste Clerc established the wine's modern reputation. Bernard Magrez purchased the estate in the 1980s, giving it a new impetus and making a name for himself by producing a superb great growthwine.

Proudly standing between the vineyard and the château, the delicate glasshouse built by Gustave Eiffel is a dynamic part of the estate.

Starting at dawn, the sun's rays diffract through the Pavillon du Prélat's lacelike stained glass while guests admire the beautiful view of the surrounding vineyard.

As evening approaches, the light from the ceiling lamp in turn illuminates chairs and immaculate white tablecloths with its iridescent reflections. This glass showcase is wonderful for tastings, brunches, dinners and seminars.