• Episode 1

    After scouting some locations around Miami and casting a few people, Chris and Amanda decide to stay with 4 models and 1 model guy who will have to choose the best girl to be in the cover of the calendar. Angela, Barbara, Michelle, Ariana and Dustin are the most Super Dooper ones to start the action up in a beautiful chalet in Miami.

  • Episode 2

    The models come to know each other a little bit more as they spend a day in a pier at Miami River, in Miami Beach and on the ocean in a luxurious yacht that will bring them around the nicest spots in the bay.

  • Episode 3

    Early in the morning: our Super Dooper heros are stuck at the gate of "the Mansion". The reason: the owner is oversleeping… Swimwear photoshoots in a pool, in Key Biscayne, plus workout time while some conflict rises among the crew.

  • Episode 4

    We have a new model, Coralie! She is right on time for the last week of the shooting schedule and she is amazingly hot. Let's get ready for the Everglades, for more Miami Beach, for more swimwear, and for more stunning pictures by Chris and his Super Dooper Models. And at the end, the most thrilling part: who will deserve to be in the cover?