Following Glamour Russia’s leading lady, Editor in Chief, Masha Fedorova from the conference room to the open space office, we’re given a chance to see their latest issue in the works and interviewing some of their fashion editors, collaborators and more. We also head backstage to check out some photoshoots from the August spread, and even witness some of the printing process!




Headquartered on the lovely Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, we got a chance to stop by Glamour for their August 2016 issue and got an inside scoop to some of the pages of this very glamourous magazine.

Making a stop at the elegant Brasserie Most restaurant on Kuznetsky Most Street, audiences get a chance to see top TV host Olga Shelest interview one of Russia’s most popular actors, Denis Shvedov. The elegant backdrop and delicious food makes this interview all the more spectacular. Heading on to Glamour Russia website, we get an exclusive sneak peek to the hottest prom dresses for young fashionistas on their special night.


Published by Conde Nast Publications, Glamour first hit newsstands in April 1939 and hasn’t looked back since. Opening its Moscow office in 2004, Glamour’s reaching Russian readers every month, with top models and celebrities gracing its covers and helping out fashionistas in the region.

Location of Episode: Moscow, Russia