“When I get stressed, sometimes I cry, not because I’m weak. I just need to get it out and keep moving forward.”

Cierra Laidler is an artist of many types of media. Born in Miami, Florida, raised in Southern California and now based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cierra has been captivated by many different styles of fashion. She loves to work with unconventional materials in making garments and accessories like hats, shoes, and bags. She’s a very competitive person and is in it to win it. She describes herself as talented, ambitious, and determined. Growing up from humble beginnings, Cierra didn’t have a lot of fabric to work with so anything that she found that was glitzy or glamorous, she would make something out of it. Her famous DVD dress made from DVDs, tape, streamers and VHS tape is just one example. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Cierra’s fashions are sustainable by the usage of alternative materials, upcycling and recycling fabrics. She desires to help the Earth by not trashing fashions but making fashions out of trash.