Episode 2 - MARTA SINILO

Marta Sinilo is a talented fashion designer and stylist living in Warsaw. She finished Art Academy in Fashion at St. Martins College in London and works as a freelance stylist for various fashion magazines including Glamour, Elle, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, and many others. She also designs clothes based on her day-to-day style.

Ever since Marta was young, she wanted to do fashion. Things went naturally with her from her studies then her profession as her main focus was really on fashion. She takes inspiration from people, events, movies, music, and even the weather. Her favorite fashion designer is and has always been John Galliano. Her goal is to someday style and create costumes for movies and eventually venture into haute couture.

A Day in the Life of Marta Siniło

05:00 Waking up with a Healthy Breakfast Her boyfriend, Michael, wakes her up every morning and even prepares her breakfast every single day. She used to just drink coffee but now she eats healthy and switched coffee to green spinach shake.
06:10 Getting Ready for the Day Have 20 minutes to get ready for her morning ride with the horses. She rides them every morning.
07:00 “Szarza” Stud Nothing beats an early morning ride with her favorite stud before going to work. She’s been riding horses since she was 12. She bonds together with her friends who also ride horses.
10:15 Work Day Starts Marta is back in her apartment to start her workday. She gets her make-up done and discusses a secret project with make-up artist, Patrycja Dobrzeniecka.
11:35 Copernicus Science Centre She goes to Copernicus Science Centre for a photo shoot of her for her blog with photographer, Andrina Peric. Marta also takes this opportunity to try out the clothes before she dresses it up on a model.
12:40 Stanislaw Markiewicz Viaduct Location no. 2 of Marta’s Blog photo shoot
14:50 Back to Apartment After the shoot, she goes back to her apartment to update her blog site www.fashionstyle.pl with new articles on fashion style and tips. She works with her fashion editor and assistant, Natalia Chomik.
16:25 Backstage Preparation at Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Show It’s the backstage grind at the Harper’s Bazaar fashion show that involves working with 20 different designers. Marta is in charge of dressing up and styling the models for the show.
21:00 Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Show It’s Showtime! Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Show begins and Marta is as busy as ever making sure everything is running smoothly with the clothes the models are wearing
00:45 It’s a wrap! And the day is done. Marta grabs a bite and heads home after a very busy day.