Michelle Du Xuan is a talented fashion photographer and filmmaker from the south of China, who is currently based in Paris, France. Her work includes a lot of fashion, editorial, beauty, portrait and commercial photography. She has collaborated with magazines like Vogue, Numéro, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, among many others. Her clients include Dior, Chanel, Bvlgari, Luis Vuitton, Gautier, and many more.

When Michelle moved to Paris, she met an American photographer who introduced her to the world of fashion. She then decided to start a career in fashion photography. Her photo style combines the codes of the French and Chinese culture, paying special attention to the color treatment and the simplicity that allows her to represent the emotions of her subjects.

A Day in the Life of Michelle Du Xuan

05:30 Hotel les Estangs de Corot –Ville D’Avray Good morning! We are starting early for a busy whole day ahead. Michelle prepares, and checks her camera and gears before heading down the hotel breakfast buffet. Fruits and fruit juices are her go to food for a healthy breakfast.
06:45 Etangs de Ville-D’Avray Michelle takes her workout in the park with her personal trainer and trainer of celebrities, Johnny Alvares.
08:57 Meeting with Model Scout Michelle meets with her friend model scout, Marko Obradovic of The Model Gene, to introduce his new talents. Does an impromptu photo shoot of new model for pooling.
10:47 Le Chateau De Versailles Location scouting in Le Chateau De Versailles, Michelle did some test shots and comes up with a story, mood for the next photo shoot.
13:40 Pont Neuf, Paris Michelle comes back to Paris and takes us on a tour around Pont Neuf and talks about how Paris has inspired her to stay and work there.
15:35 A Ciel Ouvert Studios Michelle takes us to her photo shoot at A Ciel Ouvert Studios with French model and actress Gaia Weiss from the hit TV series Vikings.
22:35 Restaurant le Corot Finally time for dinner! Michelle takes us to her favorite restaurant to end the very productive day.