Elisabeth Visoanska is a businesswoman and the founder of luxury skincare brand, Visoanska Paris. With Polish roots and an educational background based in France, she created the brand, not long after she headed to Paris for the first time to pursue an MBA in international luxury brand management. Growing up, Elisabeth had very sensitive skin. This drove her passion for skincare and she has sought for ways to combat it.

Visoanska Paris skincare line is considered as “haute cosmetique” designed for the most discerning clientele. The brand has been featured in several international luxury magazines like Vogue, L'Officiel, Elle, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Harrods Magazine, and Madame Figaro.

A Day in the Life of Elisabeth Visoanska

06:15 Fontainebleau / Chateau de Montmelian Elisabeth welcomes us to her weekend getaway place in Fontainebleau, the Chateau de Montmelian. Just a stone’s throw away from Paris, the place is full of nature one can relax and take a break from the city life. During her extra time, she spends it with nature, like gardening.
08:00 Le Parc de Montmelian Elisabeth shows us her green house where she does her gardening and teaches us her techniques. She adapts the Japanese art of Kokedama in arranging her plants.
09:30 Meeting with Yves She has her regular morning session with her consultant in innovation, Yves-Andre Morin. They talk about which direction they should take the company. Both have worked together for 12 years now and shares the same vision on the future of cosmetics.
11:00 Paris / Rue des Francs Bourgeois Now back to the city, Elisabeth takes us to the Rue des Francs Bourgeois, also known as the cosmetic laboratory of Paris where top cosmetic brands line up the streets. Her shop is also strategically located near the place. The Visoanska Paris brand is the pioneer of luxury cosmetics. They use only noble active ingredients and are 100% natural that are good for the skin. Mastering the craft using the most modern technology, 30 of which are patented by the company.
12:15 Place des Vosges One of the oldest places in Paris, Place des Vosges is where Elisabeth’s office is located. There she meets her product manager, Sebastien Mendes, to evaluate the samples that came directly from their laboratory. She goes through each and every one of the products from the content to the packaging, making sure they are perfect before being released in the market.
14:30 Office Being an ambassador to her brand and skincare influencer, Elisabeth is often asked to model and be featured in publications. She does a photo shoot from within her shop to the street of Paris.
16:45 Quai de Grenelle Elisabeth meets with interior design artist, photographer and art director, Marjan Denkov, to discuss design concepts for the store. His works are custom made designs made from luxurious materials that are specific to Elisabeth’s taste as well as the band.
18:20 Rue Francois 1ER, Courreges Visoanska Paris is the official partner of the Oriental Fashion Show in Paris for a few years now and Elisabeth goes to French designer brand, Courreges, to look for her next outfit.
20:45 Fontainebleau / Chateau de Montmelian After a long day, Elisabeth goes back to Fontainebleau for family dinner. There we are introduced to her daughter, Laura, and her fiancé, Jean Stanislas Orlowski, whose family owns Chateau de Montmelian for over a hundred years. Both are very good cooks and prepared dinner for all, with Yves as their guest.