Inside Fashion Week now takes you to Milan, one of the fashion capitals in the world. For this Fashion Week, we get inspired by the architecture of the city and the romanticism of the atmosphere. Backstage, we get the inside scoop of what designers messages are for the event and get a look at some of the most breathtaking designs.



Luisa Beccaria’s Fall/Winter 2016 Milan collection exudes Italian elegance and grace. Her line this season is every bit fairytale, with pale blues and pinks, lace and velvet. Her collection looks like something that can be worn to a garden party, very princess-like.

Luisa Beccaria:


Japanese designer Atsushi Nakashima has shown his collection for Fall/Winter in Milan this year. The concept of his collection is harmonization between different fabrics and colors. He also mentioned that the harmonization was between the East and the West. A harmonization of cultures. Nakashima was also intrigued by how the people in Milan preserve their old and historical buildings, much in contrast with Japan.


Francesco Scognamiglio’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection was inspired by an opera from Winchester House. The amazing music inspired the designer and lead him to start thinking about shapes and changing the way he thought about his clothing. He chose a romantic color palette for his collection. From off white, baby blue, to glitter with lace, his designs are romantic and musical.