Heading to South Africa, designers for the menswear fashion week were in full swing, showcasing their nature-inspired designs and new takes on what it means to wear menswear. With influences from surfing, to using botanicals, South Africa brought its best to the table, leaving audiences wanting more.



South African designer Jenevieve Lyons’ Spring Summer ‘16-17 collection, was a mixture of cultures. From African to Hindu influences, this gender fluid menswear is something that brings forth a fresh perspective to mens clothing. Lyons creates flowy and neutral color pieces that bring a sense of calm and serenity to the wearer.


Another calming collection on the runways of South African Fashion Week, Terrence Bay brings fashionistas an environmentally-inspired collection. Bay used succulents and other botanical influences to bring a green and eco aspect to his designs. Other influences exuded from his collection were meditation and Eastern vibes, Bay’s collection was made for all seasons and all genders.


The very epitome of summer: beach, waves, surf. Designer Justine August brought that to the South African runways with a quirky twist. His designs showcase a more “intellectual” surfer, giving way to the trend becoming something a bit new. With city vibes and beachy colors, everything in his collection was mean to flow and mimic the waves.