Tunis is a city with cultural abundance and exotic locals, a perfect spot for Fashion Week. Designers were asked to present a collection inspired by the local culture of Tunisia, and the results were amazing. From florals to streetwear, Tunis is turning up the heat with its impeccable design.



Tunisia is a country rich in color and design, and this Fashion Week showcased nothing short of that. Opening the show was designer Achraf Baccouch and his eccentric and colorful collection for 2016. Using traditional fabric and jewelry, Baccouch hit the runways on a high note, giving spectators a whirlwind of color and allure.


Naco Paris is no stranger to making a statement, and with good reason. His eccentric and unapologetic attitude towards fashion turned heads as his models showcase his best work for S/S 2016. Paris fights back the establishment with his “No God, No Master” collection, giving you street cred where its needed. With punk rock influences to a full face mask, his collection caters to the rebel within.


Florals, lace, embroidery and traditional Tunisian textiles let designer Mouna Ben Braham create some of her most breathtaking and elegant pieces for Fashion Week. Her luxurious gowns flow with every step and the reflection of the sunlight allows her designs to showcase their elegant charm. Braham was influenced by tapestries and natural pastels, and her gowns show hints of Tunisian patterns and shapes.


Fashion Week Tunis has shown viewers a variety of colorful and traditional-inspired wear, but Ludovic Winterstein took things on a more darker turn. The French designer showcased his wicked side, taking inspiration from shamans, witches, and black magic. Every intricate detail on the fabric was done with care and precision. Fashionistas were left in awe as they watched masked models in black ensembles grace the runways of Tunis. Something elegantly dark to cap off the night.