Capri is an island which is part of the region of Campania, Province of Naples. Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, the main town on the island – Capri shares the island's name. This magical location has two harbours Marina Piccola and Marina Grande as well as being home to the stunning Anacapri located on the hills to the west of the island.

In the 1950s Capri became a popular destination, with tourists today visiting the island mainly between the summer months of July and August. For centuries intellectuals, artists and writers have all become enthralled by Capri's natural beauty. With a mix of history, culture, traditional Italian cuisine and breathtaking landscapes it has created a legend that simply is incomparable.

Whilst the island has effortlessly cool cafes and designer boutiques it retains its unique charm with winding cobbled streets, grande villas and hotels, roman ruins and rugged seascapes overlooking the deep blue waters and famous grottos.