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The Transformers believe that the foundations to success and health are great nutrition, plenty of exercise and the right mindset. The fitness group have over 20 fitness classes and events every week where they also apply Neuro Linguistic Programming to help increase your energy and make your outlook on life more positive. Transformers also provide their members are also given nutritional support to make sure they're on the right track according to their goals. Located in Central London & Hyde Park all of the bootcamps & fitness classes are the toughest around! Run by ex-professional athletes and celebrity trainers, they are designed to get you results fast.



Dr Agnes Electra is the Co-founder and the CEO of TheTransformers and one of the best coaches in the country. She exemplifies how to juggle the demands of being a businesswoman, doctor, mother and partner in the 21st Century and she is certainly excelling in all roles. Originally from Poland she entered medical school at the age of 27 and she specialises in cardiology. During her training her work was published in international peer review journals, such as Circulation and worked with the eminent Professor Sharma researching into inherited cardiac diseases. It was while she was training in Cardiology, Agnes realised the importance of preventative medicine and the realisation that the NHS was more of a disease management system. Her answer to this was co-founding The Transformers.



David is a Co-Founder of The Transformers and the chief fitness coach. He is an expert in fitness and nutrition and has worked with celebrities including fashion designer Julien MacDonald (OBE) . He has coached people to instil in them the mindset of champions so that they are able to push through their limiting beliefs to accomplish more than they thought was possible. David has modelled many professional athletes so no matter what his clients want as a goal, he is able to deliver.

Growing up in a family of athletes, it was destined that David became a professional athlete. David has played professional rugby across the World and for Wales, Neath, Gloucester, El Salvador, Cardiff and the Celtic Crusaders. He has worked with the likes of Gavin Henson, James Hook, Shane Williams and John Martin Evans. David constantly sets new standards for himself in fitness and has recently run a half marathon in under 80 minutes.