Jul. 2. 14

After leaving the magical island of Capri behind, I was ready to explore more of Italy and the second destination for Stefanie's Style Diaries in the Amalfi coast – Positano. Based in Campania, Positano is possibly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful villages I have ever seen or visited in my entire life. Stepping of the boat into the village's quaint harbour was like stepping into a picture perfect postcard, with multicoloured homes and hotels scattered across the rocky cliff sides down to the coast. The first challenge was finding the hotel Le Sirenuse amongst the winding streets and little local shops. This proved to be a fantastic way to discover the village, I instantly felt the calm vibe of Positano wash over me and fell in love with its natural scenery at once. Cli...



Jun. 25. 14

It's that exciting time of year again when the Fashion One team head off to explore another fascinating destination for the Stefanie's Style Diaries show. This season, is particularly spectacular as you all at home will be visiting the Amalfi coast in Italy. With two locations, it is set to be an exciting adventure as I discover all that Capri and Positano have to offer at some of the world's finest locations and hotels. The first stop was getting to Capri from the south of Italy in Naples. It was a beautiful boat trip over to one of the world's most picturesque islands and upon approaching the island it was instantly obvious how breathtaking this place truly was. The location itself became popular with tourists in the 1950's as still is a destination hotspot today for those that wa...



Mar. 11. 14

After taking part in the Fashion One's new Dining With Style series and Fashion Week swiftly approaching, action needed to be taken to get myself looking great for one of the biggest calender weeks in the fashion world's diary. I came across a fantastic fitness group based in London called The Transformers. Known across the United Kingdom for training celebrities and sports personalities alike, The Transformers believe that the foundations to success and health are great nutrition, plenty of exercise and the right mindset. The fitness group have over 20 fitness classes and events every week where they also apply Neuro Linguistic Programming to help increase your energy and make your outlook on life more positive. Transformers also provide their members are also given nutritional support...


Welcome to London!

Oct. 2. 13

After globe trotting for my past few series for Stefanie's Style Diaries, I felt it was time to bring the show to my home country – England. Where better to explore and bring Fashion One than the buzzing capital city that is London. With so many cultures and exciting experiences to be had in this fabulous city it is an honour to be able to showcase it to the world and let everyone take part in the new travel series! Picking what should be involved in the show was such a challenge, with so many wonderful things to see and do, how could we ever fit it all in?! After much deliberation, we here at Fashion One have narrowed it down to the crème de la crème of the city in three fabulous episodes, featuring the heart of the city, the hipster east and the exclusive west. Over the...



Aug. 12. 13

As I was handing over my passport at London Gatwick, I had to pinch myself numerous times, it was happening... I was making my way on an exciting adventure to Bordeaux with Fashion One after being invited to experience the world of luxury wine tourism by Bernard Magrez. Looking out of the airplane I found myself dreaming of warmer climates and the sun being in the sky in France as the rain trickled down the window. After meeting the legendary jazz performer Jamie Cullum and having a quick chat about his tour we where soon touching down at Bordeaux airport. Walking out from collecting my luggage I looked over to the chauffeur that was stood next to Rolls Royce beckoning me over. “Miss Jones?” He was here to whisk me off to Bernard Magrez's flagship chateau – Chateau Pape C...


Stefanie's Style Diaries Part One

May. 20. 13

Upon arrival in Athens I instantly felt the warmth of the sun as I stepped off the plane. It was such a great feeling after being in London. As much as I love the city, the weather in the UK is a far stretch from the 20 degrees I was now soaking up and it felt like heaven. Jumping into a taxi with my film director, we were soon heading off to the Yes New Hotel where we were to stay for our duration and one of our film locations for the TV show. This was to be my first experience of staying in a boutique hotel, and let me tell you it didn't disappoint! It was almost an adventure in itself, staying in a wonderful building filled with art and simply beautiful surroundings. The tour of the hotel was fabulous as I experienced all that the building had to offer, and I was blown away with th...